Microcosm #4: Interstellar



4×5 inch, Limited Edition (200) giclee print on Somerset Velvet paper. Hand-signed and numbered.

This microcosm was inspired by the concept of ‘Ma’ or negative space. This is the idea that the space between things is as aesthetically powerful as the things themselves. This reminded me of the globe alliums in our garden, and the space captured between the outer halo of flowers which forms the spherical shape. These tiny stars are held on spoke-like stems emanating from the centre. Microcosm is entirely the right word. As one friend pointed out, each flower is like a mini cosmos of stars, but you could look at this stunning structure at a microscopic level too, as a model of the atom itself – largely empty space with electrons orbiting a central nucleus.

Prints are supplied unmounted and unframed, but securely backed and wrapped. If you would like to explore framing options please contact me.


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