Forget-Me-Not Blue – ORIGINAL



2.5 × 8 inch, Artisan Oil on primed gesso oil paper, each block raise-mounted and box-framed.

In my series of palette paintings I explore the way that the world around us provides a kind of colour palette. Rather than blocks of paint, each palette is made up of blocks of one colour, taken from all aspects of life: landscapes, fruit, flowers, drinks, animals – the possibilities seem endless. As I paint each of these palettes I learn more about the colours involved and their associations. Painting this soft blue palette revealed to me how rare this true blue colour is in nature – even the mountain blue bird and common blue butterfly painted here get their colour from reflected light rather than pigmentation. I also found in interesting that to create this soft blue I often used a combination of lavender hues and teal, which the eye blends to create the forget-me-not shade. To me, this palette speaks of memory and distance, which of course reflects the fact that colours seem more blue the further away they are from the viewer.


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