Amber – Standard Print



2.5 × 8 inch, Limited Edition (150) giclee print on Somerset Velvet paper. Hand-signed and numbered.

In my series of palette paintings I explore the way that the world around us provides a kind of colour palette. Rather than blocks of paint, each palette is made up of blocks of one colour, taken from all aspects of life: landscapes, fruit, flowers, drinks, animals – the possibilities seem endless. As I paint each of these palettes I learn more about the colours involved and their associations. This amber palette drew on images associated with age and the ending of days and seasons: the fox which hunts in the evening, the sunset, the aged whisky and the autumnal squash and leaf. I loved working with the richness and vibrancy of these firey tones. The original paintings were done in Artisan Oils on gesso oil paper.

This print is supplied unmounted and unframed, but securely backed and wrapped. A luxury version is also available, where the palette is mounted and each colour block  cut out and raised from the backing board, to copy as closely as possible the presentation of the original palette painting.


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