Months in the Wilderness

I don’t usually begin with a discussion of stationery, but a couple of weeks ago I bought a Leuchturm notebook, which I have melodramatically christened (on the front cover) “The Black Book” – Months in the Wilderness. I got it as a new ‘day book’, in which I try to write something each day, when I’m going through periods when I’m not able to do anything more substantial. It sounds very self-indulgent, but the theatrical solemnity has been helping me to grit my teeth for the coming months of treatment. Having experimented with the process for the last two weeks, I think I was right to prepare myself.

With Lyme Disease, if treatment is making you feel better instantly, it’s usually just a sticking plaster – covering up the problem. This treatment is designed to be much deeper and more thorough, and correspondingly more unpleasant! Having forecast all this doom and gloom however, there are glimmers of hope – I do occasionally get whole weeks off from treatment and I hope it won’t be too long before I get breaks of feeling a bit better between the antibiotic nausea and ‘health crises’ which are achieving that improvement. So the prospect of art in the next few months looks patchy and unpredictable, but possible – so I hope you will check back to see if I have managed to squeeze anything past the health hazards!

In the meantime, I wanted to share something really positive. On my last ‘good day’, back in July, I went to see my parents’ MP, Phil Wilson, to talk about my experience with Lyme Disease and my concern about the lack of awareness. I have to admit, at the time, I wasn’t sure that the enormous physical resources it had cost me (due to the wonders of Virgin East Coast I had had to drive there at the last minute – not having driven more than 10 minutes in months!) would have been worth it, but Mr Wilson was receptive and proactive. He wrote this article recently, showing how much he took on board, just from our short conversation. Hurrah for a little progress! The wilderness is in need of prophets!

I can only hope to post again before too long, with art rather than articles to share!

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