Featured Collections

2p Miniatures

Watercolour paintings of various animals, each the size of a two pence piece.

In Medias Res

‘In the middle of things’ – oil paintings capturing sections of longer stories. 


Pencil drawings of small everyday objects, symbolising aspects of the world at large. 



Rachel Alban is a young artist working in Yorkshire. Inspired by her academic study of miniature painting and a love of detail, Rachel has come to specialise in artwork on a small scale. Whether in oil, watercolour or pencil, her aim is produce beautiful images which are small but intense. Rachel draws on many influences in her art, from a love of gardening, to a background in English literature, and a fascination in the history and theory of colour. 

Rachel began to paint professionally in 2013, but in the same year she became disabled by the effects of late stage Lyme Disease. Over the following years, she has gradually increased her artistic work, as health has permitted. In 2017 Rachel was part of an exhibition of young artists in Hurworth Hall, and had one of her ‘microcosms’ accepted into the SGFA’s annual exhibition in London. Her paintings are on display in galleries in Northallerton and York.